Active Directory Audit

Active Directory Auditing

Active Directory is the most imperative part of any domain in a network. Hence, enhancing security of Active Directory and answering to external and internal audits of Active directory infrastructure are the topmost concerns.

A single perilous change in AD can bring down the whole IT functionality of any organization. In fact, every organization must know who is doing what changes in where and when in the Active Directory. Various modifications need to be done in a single day to satisfy various technological needs of business and therefore, it’s significant to perform regular audit of the Active Directory.

Why we need automated tools, while we can do all this with native auditing as well? The results given by native auditing remains scattered across tools which leads to poor log management. It’s impossible to keep track of all changes and hence, data loss occurs. To restore Active Directory to a previous stable state you may need a huge investment of resources. Native Event Viewer and Schedule tasks feature may possibly not bear out the difficult reporting necessities of Active Directory to meet internal and external regulatory compliance requirements.

LepideAuditor for Active Directory will keep track of it all. It provides a complete Active Directory change tracking and control mechanism to fulfill audit and compliance requirements of diverse industry standards such as SOX, HIPPA, PCI, ITIL etc. The tool provides you the 360-degree view of changes done across IT systems via the “RADAR” tab that displays a quick overview of real-time happenings in the Active Directory, Group Policy, Exchange Server, SharePoint and SQL Server. Not just this, you get enhanced graphical view of Graph widgets in both Radar and Audit Reports Tabs. One of the most interesting things about this software is that it provides enhanced security via saving the login credentials in encrypted format while also archiving audit logs with encryption.

Software Features

LepideAuditor for Active Directory clearly shows all the changes done in Active Directory.

Tracks every single change

This tool clearly shows who made what change to which content and when this was done. It tracks all domains in your network from one centralized platform. It also provides you the before and after value of every attribute change. With the help of Dashboard reports you can view the state of AD changes easily.

Change Auditing Reports

Choose from over 90 pre-configured reports to get the answers to your Active Directory questions swiftly. Action-oriented reports simplified the task of finding the right report and the particular change in AD. With multiple report formats and filtering capabilities, you can display changes more logically. Change demonstrations bring to light object and attribute changes, making it trouble-free to pinpoint what’s changed, with before and after values.

Rollback the changes you want

You can easily rollback any undesirable change done in Active Directory. Active Directory auditor incorporates rollback into its reporting, which makes it easy to audit, identify, and rollback particular change made to the active directory. However, you can also organize scheduled backups of AD for tranquil object-level retrieval without using directory Services Restore Mode.

Real-Time Alerting

It generates alerts on the most critical change done in Active Directory. There is no need to create new alerts; in fact, you can use existing reports as the basis for alerts. Available filters make sure you only get notifications to the actions you consider imperative. Alerts are sent straight to your inbox and to the LepideAuditor App set up on your device.

State and Security Reporting

LepideAuditor for Active Directory creates backup and copies of AD, with the help of which you can compare reports to see changes in accounts, security, memberships, configurations, etc. You can schedule backups of AD and it also fulfills compliance requirements. Besides this, it also ensures complete security. It even allows you to compare permission changes and modification done between two dates. You can evaluate audit settings of object and compare them regularly to make sure that those changes are also included in change reports.

Abides to Regulatory Compliances

LepideAuditor Suite also cross-checks the status of either single or multiple instances of Active Directory. This ensures that the tool meets all the security rules and regulations concerning regulatory compliances i.e. conforming to a standard or law that is accepted globally to take relevant steps regarding data retention & security maintenance.

Health Monitoring

It performs a routine health checkup of your AD and it also ensure its proper working. Health monitoring tab displays the complete resource usage, service status, database size, and key NTDS performance counters. It outlooks the state of AD on per server basis to make sure all chunks of AD are in order. Speedily determine where issue exist with the help of intuitive dashboards. It keeps you notified on the basis of customizable thresholds to meet your performance criterions.

Compliance Reports & Customization

Lepide Auditor Suite for Active Directory also checks for compliance and sends 70+ reports apart from the existing 270+ reports that possess auditing data on how the server components satisfy the regulatory compliances. Also, these reports can be customized to execute different operations on the auditing data including searching, sorting and filtration.

Backup Snapshots Created Every 6 to 24 Hours

To prevent data losses in case of any unusual things happening in the Active Directory, LepideAuditor for Active Directory captures backup snapshots of both Active Directory in every 6 to 24 hours and Group Policy in every 1 to 24 hours at any user-defined time or by default at 12.00 AM. However, the interesting thing is – it enables users to modify the time and interval of capturing the backup snapshot. With this tool, IT administrators get the privilege of changing the location of automatic back-ups created by LepideAuditor Suite by moving it from one place to another as per their needs.

360 View of Resource Utilization

The resource utilization widget in 360 View tab shows the usage of resources on server components. Whenever IT Administrator wants to get resource utilization reports displayed, they can turn on/off the feature via utilizing the options for selecting/unselecting the server.

Lepide Auditor for Active Directory is a part of the LepideAuditor Suite. Lepide Auditor Suite is a single solution for auditing every change done in your organizational settings. Not just audit, it also provides health monitoring features to keep your resources in top performance. Other than monitoring Active Directory, it also audits Group Policy, Exchange Server, SQL Server, and SharePoint Server.

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Highly Compatible

LepideAuditor for Active Directory is compatible with almost all Windows OS Platforms (Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 /Windows 10 / Windows Server 2003 / Windows Server 2008 / Windows server 2008 R2 / Windows Server 2012 / Windows Server 2012 R2), all Exchange server versions (Exchange Server 2003 / Exchange Server 2007 / Exchange Server 2010 / Exchange Server 2013), all SharePoint Server (SharePoint Server 2010 / SharePoint Foundation 2010 / SharePoint Server 2013 / SharePoint Foundation 2013), and all SQL Server (SQL Server 2005 / SQL Server 2008 / SQL Server 2008 R2 / SQL Server 2012 / SQL Server 2014).

Try it for free

To know about the functionality of LepideAuditor for Active Directory you can download its trial version. By using the trial version you will get an idea about software features and capabilities. The trial version is free of cost and fully functional but it’s only available for 15 days. One can audit all components with the trial version – including Domain (Active Directory, Group Policy, and Exchange Server) SharePoint and SQL Server. To enjoy the long-term Windows Active Directory Auditing, you can buy its license either for this particular component or for complete LepideAuditor Suite.