Active Directory Audit

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Key Features of Software:
  • Collect audit data on real-time basis
  • Provides Who, What, When and Where information for all changes
  • Capture snapshots of the state of Active Directory objects and restore it to any desired stable state in the past. Perform selective rollback of changes as per requirement
  • Track all domains in the network from a centralized platform for better control
  • Real-time data collection of all changes
  • Live updates of all modifications in the Active Directory environment
  • Generate need based ad hoc reports to track all changes and view structural changes through Active Directory State Reports
  • Get real time alerts for critical changes to minimize the detection time
  • Rollback the changes in an object using Snapshots
  • Schedule the report delivery to the specified recipients at periodic intervals
  • Long-term storage of logs in a database to meet different compliances such as SOX, HIPAA, and PCI etc.

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Active Directory Auditing

Active Directory is the soul of a domain in a network. Any critical change in it can bring down the entire IT functionality of any organization. There can be numerous changes in a day to support the number number of technological needs driven by business. Hence, it becomes increasingly important to track Active Directory to collect all such changes to investigate the way it has been done, to question it and further improve it so that future changes are handled in the best way. Native Active Directory auditing lacks provision to track and control changes to meet a number of requirements ranging from external Compliances and Business Continuity.

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Here are some of the serious drawbacks of the native auditing features of Active Directory :

  • In a forest, Active Directory changes may remain scattered across domains leading to inefficiencies in log management such as huge storage space requirement problems in taking regular backups for long term archiving
  • Auditing data loss on account of improper configuration may lead to Compliance failures resulting in serious penalties and loss of reputation
  • It may require huge investment of resources to restore Active Directory to a previous stable state by rolling back undesirable changes manually and might adversely affect business continuity as well
  • Getting precious Who, When, What and Where information about Active Directory changes from cryptic log files is cumbersome as there could be multiple log entries for a single event such as deletion of a Group
  • Native Event Viewer and Schedule Tasks feature could not fulfill the complex reporting requirements of Active Directory to meet internal and external regulatory requirements

This Active Directory auditor tool can overcome all these limitations and create a safe and secure environment conductive to high availability. It offers comprehensive AD change tracking and control mechanism to meet Audit and Compliance requirements of different industry standards such as SOX, HIPPA, PCI, ITIL etc.

Operating as Windows Active Directory Auditing software, it offers a number of benefits to Admins as far as Active Directory auditing is concerned. Active Directory Audit software helps to maintain different internal and external regulatory policies saving penalties that organizations might have to pay in case of Compliance failure. Admins can monitor Active Directory environment round-the-clock and protect it against potentially harmful changes by detecting them instantly and rollback as per requirement. Eliminating risk-factors such as security breach, compliance violation, fraudulent activities, etc. creates a safe and secure environment with low downtime that is conductive to business continuity. Active Directory Audit tool automates the change detection and rollback process to a great extent saving huge time and resources that are taken for performing the set allows you to get familiarized with its features and functionalities. Its a free trial version lets you evaluate the features of this for a period of 15 days, after which you’ve to purchase its Professional Edition.

Free Trial Version of Software

This Active Directory Audit tool is also available as Freeware edition that allows you to get familiarize with its features and functionalities without paying any license fee for unlimited period of time. However, Freeware edition only offers basic features. To get full features you need to upgrade to Enterprise edition which is available for trial period of 15 days. After completion of this period i.e. 15 days you can go for extended Trial period of 15 days where you continue to get full features but can audit limited Active Directory users. To get full features of software without any limitation you can purchase the license code of Enterprise edition anytime after installing the Freeware edition.

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